PGJ 7 Timeline and Agenda


Time Period: Thurs. July 29th 5:00PM

Duration: 2+ hours

Recommended Goals

  • Bring your creativity and pitch your game idea
  • Find a team to work with
  • Get your teammates names and contact information
  • Submit your team and game idea to the Executive Producer

Jam Preparation

Time Period: Thurs. July 29th - July 31

Duration: 2+ days

Recommended Goals

  • Get everyone on your team registered on the PGJ Slack server to interact with the Executive Producer and mentors
  • Decide what tools and utilities your team will use
  • Finalize your game idea and create a 1 page design document with your minimal viable product (MVP)
  • Decide on a development methodology and assign team roles

First Week

Time Period: Aug 1st - Aug 7th

Duration: 1 week

Recommended Goals

  • Start your first sprint (or follow your selected methodology)
  • Host regular meetings with your team. We recommend daily morning meetings
  • Iterate through design goals as rapidly as possible keeping an MVP in mind
  • White box a proof of concept of your game idea with your most important mechanic or element of your idea
  • Attend the Project Introduction Meeting on Aug. 8 for guidance on your first week of development

Weekly Sprints

Time Period: Aug 8th - Aug 28th

Duration: 3 weeks

Recommended Goals

  • Iterate through your sprints refining your backlog as you go
  • Keep your focus on that MVP and expand only as you've completed earlier assignments
  • Test, test, test, and test. You want a viable product in the end and going back to fix things takes more time than you have
  • Function first, form second, then features. Always push your superficial or cosmetic tasks to the end of the backlog
  • Regardless what methodology your team has chosen, always host a full review with the entire team at the end of each sprint or iteration
  • Cut anything that is delaying the project (we recommend doing this often.) If it's critical to your MVP, downscope it or find an alternate solution (e.g., downloading a free asset)

Final Days

Time Period: Aug 28th - Aug 31st

Duration: 4 days

Recommended Goals

  • Attend the Demo/Feedback Meeting on Aug. 28th to demo your product and receive feedback from the other teams
  • Review that feedback and the project review from the Executive Producer and discuss with your team what, if any, last minute refinements you'd like to make
  • Make a trailer for your game. (Can be as simple as 30 seconds of gameplay)
  • Build and save a known working version of your game and don't touch it. Use it as a backup in case late versions of your game have critical failures
  • Put the final touches on your game and submit your game trailer to SDC for the PGJ showcase at CCS re:wind