Announcement: PGJ7 2021 Canceled

We regret to announce that we were not able to secure enough participants for this season's PGJ and have therefore canceled this season of PGJ. We know these are uncertain times and it will be challenging to find our way back to where we all want to be. It may not be this year, but we will continue moving on and start working on the next iteration of PGJ, which will kick-off in January of 2022.

  • Progressive Game Jam is entering its 7th season!

    We have all just been through a very challenging year, and while things seem to be getting better and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, season 7 of PGJ will nevertheless have some modifications in order to keep people safe and healthy, so that we can all enjoy another year of PGJ and make some great games.

    • PGJ 7 has been shortened to just one month.
    • The kick-off event will be entirely online using Google Meet
    • The bulk of the coordination will continue online using Slack
    • While we are hosting 2 in-person events, they will also be virtual for those that wish not to attend in-person
    • The showcase event will also be virtual again this year and PGJ teams may only submit a game trailer of their finished product.
    • We ask that every participant be familiar with the latest guidelines from the CDC and the California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH)
    • If you are sick or have any symptoms, we ask that you stay home and do not participate in any in-person event
    • Masks and social distancing are at the discretion of participants. We ask that you know and understand the guidelines and follow them.
    Follow the guidelines
    Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.
    California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines.
  • What is a Progressive Game Jam?

    The Progressive Game Jam is an extended game development project that is designed to simulate a real-world industry game development project. It is formatted as a game jam where individuals pitch ideas, form teams, and build their own game project within given constraints. Yet it also has industry style components including an Executive Producer role, structured development methodologies such as SCRUM, and product reviews and metrics.

    • Be part of a development team
    • Learn game development techniques
    • Learn game development methodologies
    • Learn to develop to standards and metrics
    • Learn to promote and market your product
    • Online team collaboration and mentoring using Slack
    • Veterans and industry experts available to answer questions
    • Opportunities to demo your game and get feedback
    • Opportunity to showcase your game at the annual showcase event

    More questions? Read our FAQ.

    Get ready! See the agenda.

We’d like to thank our partner Hacker Lab for supporting the Progressive Game Jam

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